2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition papers by Dr. Walter C. Lee

Title Session
Board 378: Responsive Support Structures for Marginalized Students in Engineering: Insights from Years 1–3 NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
Engineering graduate students’ perceptions of challenges and stressors: A comparison of master’s vs. doctoral students and domestic vs. international students Graduate Studies Division (GSD) Technical Session 6: Challenges and Coping Strategies of Engineering Graduate Students [view paper]
A Comparative Analysis of Support Perceptions between Transfer and First-Time-in-College Students in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Programs Student Division (STDT) Technical Session 6: Underserved Student Experiences [view paper]
Board 223: Broadening Participation in Engineering via the Transfer Student Pathway: Findings from an S-STEM-Enabled Partnership NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
Board 354: Organizational Partnerships S-STEM Research Hub NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]

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