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T247·Student Division (STDT) Technical Session 6: Underserved Student Experiences
Technical Student Division (STDT)
Tue. June 27, 2023 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM
Room 349, Baltimore Convention Center
Moderated by
  1. Abigail Nichole Lehto
Papers Presented
  1. A Comparative Analysis of Support Perceptions between Transfer and First-Time-in-College Students in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Programs [view paper]
    Mr. Hamidreza Taimoory (Virginia Tech), Dr. David B. Knight (Virginia Tech), and Dr. Walter C. Lee (Virginia Tech)
  2. Work in Progress: A Correlation Analysis of Engagement of First-Generation College Students in Engineering [view paper]
    Ms. Abigail Nichole Lehto (American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)) and Prof. Ning Fang (Utah State University)
  3. Twenty-Four Hours in a Day: A Systematized Review of Community College Engineering Students with Outside Responsibilities [view paper]
    Ms. Anne Victoria Wrobetz (Front Range Community College, Colorado)
  4. Work in Progress: Bridging the Gap in Doctoral Engineering Education—Critically Investigating Factors Influencing Performance Outcomes on First Doctoral Degree Milestones [view paper]
    Ms. Nicole Adia Jefferson (Virginia Tech ) and Dr. Jeremi S. London (Virginia Tech)
  5. Push and Pull: Exploring the Engineering Retention Problem for Underrepresented Groups and Gauging Interest in Interdisciplinary Integration into Undergraduate Curriculum [view paper]
    Anastasia M. K. Schauer (Georgia Institute of Technology), August Kohls (Carnegie Mellon University), and Dr. Katherine Fu (University of Wisconsin - Madison)