2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition papers by Prof. Holly M Golecki

Title Session
Changes to a Circuits Lab Sequence to Encourage Reflection and Integration of Experiences Across Related Courses to Explore New Solution Spaces to an Engineering Problem Curricular Innovations in Computing - 1 [view paper]
Survey of the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Students in Undergraduate Laboratory Courses Experimentation and Laboratory-Oriented Studies Division (DELOS) Technical Session 5: Lab Design [view paper]
Supporting Students with Minoritized Gender Identities in Research: the Design and Assessment of an Initiative in Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Division (STDT) Technical Session 4: Minoritized Student Experiences [view paper]
Board 357: Pilot Study of the Impacts of a Robotics Curriculum on Student’s Subject-Related Identities and Understanding of Engineering NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
Designing Capstone Experiences for Interdisciplinarity in Biomedical Engineering Education Biomedical Engineering Division (BED) Technical Session 2: Experiential Learning in Biomedical Engineering [view paper]
Board 180: Understanding Children’s Perceptions of Robotics Through Drawings: Early Development of the Draw a Robot Task (Work in Progress) Pre-College Engineering Education Division (PCEE) Poster Session [view paper]
Pre-College Robotics: Best Practices for Adapting Research to Outreach Pre-College Engineering Education Division (PCEE) Technical Session 14:Robotics and Careers [view paper]
Earning Daisy Girl Scout Robotics Badges with a Hands-on Soft Robot Gripper Design Activity (Resource Exchange) Pre-College Engineering Education Division (PCEE) Technical Session 12: Resource Exchange [view paper]

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