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T415A·Work in Progress Papers in ECE
Technical Electrical and Computer Engineering Division (ECE)
Tue. June 27, 2023 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Tilighman, Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor
Moderated by
  1. Prof. Valentina Cecchi
Papers Presented
  1. (Work in Progress) Implementing the QFT to Incite Curiosity and Connections in an Introductory Electrical Circuits Course for Non-EE Majors [view paper]
    John M Pavlina Ph.D. (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott), William Spencer Darby (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University), and Parker D. Landon (Boston University)
  2. Work in Progress: Sensory feedback in electric circuit laboratories [view paper]
    Mr. Brian E. Faulkner (Milwaukee School of Engineering), Dr. Daniel Maguire (Valparaiso University), and Jennifer Marley (University of Virginia)
  3. Take responsibility to understand engineering (TRUE): A qualitative investigation of student’s engineering self-efficacy as a result of participation in a multi-stakeholder program [view paper]
    Dr. Dhinesh Balaji Radhakrishnan (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE)), Dr. Wilfrido A. Moreno P.E. (University of South Florida), Prof. Jennifer Deboer (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE)), and Dr. Chris S. Ferekides (University of South Florida)
  4. Using Virtual Reality Cleanroom Simulation in a Mixed Nanoelectronics Classroom [view paper]
    Sean Letavish (Affiliation unknown), Ani Meliksetyan (Affiliation unknown), Victoria Ravel (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Hurriyet Aydin Ok (GWU), Dr. Natalie B. Milman (The George Washington University), and Dr. Gina C. Adam (The George Washington University)
  5. WIP Using Automated Assessments for Accumulating Student Practice, Providing Students with Timely Feedback, and Informing Faculty on Student Performance [view paper]
    Dr. Brian F. Thomson (Temple University), Cory Budischak (Temple University), and Maryam Alibeik (Affiliation unknown)