2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Faculty-Led Videos of Real-World Industrial and Research Applications in a Materials Science Course

Presented at Materials Division (MATS) Technical Session 3

Current MEEN 360 course (Materials and Manufacturing in Design) instructors have noticed higher attention and interest level from students when they share their practical experience from industrial and research projects. There is always a natural tendency to pay more attention to personal work experiences than experiences we cannot relate to with theoretical examples. It is also easier and more interesting to teach based on personal experiences. These ideas triggered this study to see if including short, well-prepared videos of real-world problems and solutions would motivate and enhance students’ learning experience in this course. The idea is to engage and motivate students to learn the material by showing them how course topics have been applied by the faculty teaching the course to solve real-world industry and research problems. Two videos were produced with embedded information that links directly to the course textbook chapters and topics including annealing, quenching, tempering, yield strength, ductility, hardness, brittleness, precipitation hardening, steels, and corrosion resistant nickel-chromium superalloys. The videos were less than 9 minutes each and demonstrate how efficiently material can be covered when employing tightly scripted lectures using a storytelling narrative structure in conjunction with animated PowerPoint and stock library slide shows. The videos were shown in four sections of the course offered (350 students) in Spring 2022, and a five-question survey was administered to evaluate them. Faculty creating the videos are not necessarily the same instructors for all sections. Homework associated with the videos was also prepared to measure interest and motivation of the students. The process to produce the videos, key features incorporated in the videos to maximize student understanding, and advantages, disadvantages, and lessons learned will be presented.

This study is one of several projects in the department supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number EEC-2022275.

  1. Dr. Carlos R. Corleto Texas A&M University [biography]
  2. Matt Pharr Texas A&M University [biography]
  3. Bruce A Conway Texas A&M University [biography]
  4. Dr. Shadi Balawi Texas A&M University [biography]
  5. Prof. Bruce L. Tai Texas A&M University [biography]
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