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U413·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Developing Student Design Teamwork Skills: Lessons and Stories from Three Institutional Models
Workshop Design in Engineering Education Division (DEED)
Sun. June 23, 2024 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Columbia 2 , Hyatt Regency Portland (HQ Hotel)
Session Description

Free ticketed event
This workshop is a collaboration between three institutions: The Georgia Institute of Technology, The Imperial College London, and The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Aligned with the stated DEED priority topic, “Teams and Teamwork in Design Education”, these three institutions have an emerging collaboration to further develop student teamwork skills grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a foundational aspect of effective teamwork.

Each institution has distinct yet complementary approaches and the proposed workshop will engage participants in mini versions of activities from each campus. For example, Imperial College London delivers their teamwork training via a one-off, non-academic workshop for first-year students designed to simultaneously foster cohesion and develop networks/friendships amongst a diverse, international student cohort. Georgia Tech has many years of experience grounding their work in Gallup Clifton Strengths and is expanding their implementation by partnering with, and mentoring staff at UW-Madison. Both Georgia Tech and UW-Madison work directly with groups of faculty to integrate student-based workshops throughout their courses.

Furthermore, UW-Madison uses a Community of Practice model to host specific faculty workshops to advance teaching and learning of professional skills, including teamwork.

Participants will have direct experiences with all three models and have time to individually reflect, and discuss in facilitated small groups, their ideas for how to adapt what they learned into their own institutional context.

Moderated by
  1. Chris Dakes
  1. Dr. James Iain Campbell
    Imperial College London

    Dr. Campbell (he/him) is a teaching fellow currently teaching in and leading several practical lab-based engineering modules across the first 3 years of an integrated Master's Chemical Engineering program. In this role, Dr. Campbell sees firsthand the negative effect ineffective teamwork can have on learning. Alongside his colleague Deesha Chadha, James has run a workshop on teamwork with first year students since 2018.

  2. Dr. Deesha Chadha

    Dr. Chadha (she/her) is a senior strategic teaching fellow who has been at Imperial College since 2018. She led the undergraduate curriculum review for the department and has a keen interest in professional skills development. Dr. Chadha conducted her doctoral work on modelling the development of professional skills in engineering. She is also a member of the College’s special interest group on the topic.

  3. Chris Dakes
    University of Wisconsin - Madison

    Dr. Dakes (he/him) has dedicated his 25+ year career to leading change efforts in higher education that contribute to individual learning and advance organizational capacity. His work is grounded in the foundational principle that positive results emerge when we enrich the workplace environment, improve effectiveness of diverse teams, and focus on health, quality, and balance of life. The impact of his work can be seen locally, nationally, and internationally through the ongoing work of individuals with whom he has collaborated, programmatic successes and organizational structures that persist, and publications that continue to be referenced by others.

  4. Angela Kita
    University of Wisconsin - Madison

    Dr. Kita (she/her) is committed to improving learning experiences for all students through classroom innovation, program development, and fostering community. Her passion for all things teaching and learning began through teaching experiences as a graduate student, particularly working with non-biology majors exploring the various systems and structures found in animal phylogeny. She has worked collaboratively with faculty and staff on curriculum development, improved instructor support, and cross-campus projects. As a member of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, she is excited to build and grow partnerships that better connect students to their learning, their passions, and their goals.

  5. Dr. Mary Lynn Realff

    Dr. Realff (she/her) is the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Cox Faculty
    Fellow, Co-Director of the Center for Women, Science, and Technology, and a Fellow of the Center for Deliberate Innovation. She is a transformational leader with a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is the founding director of the Effective Team Dynamics Initiative (ETD) which delivers on the vision that Georgia Tech will be a community where everyone's unique contributions are recognized. ETD cultivates a supportive, productive, and harmonious learning community grounded in strengths-based collaboration. The initiative partnered with the Center for Teaching and Learning to develop the curriculum and train faculty and staff as certified facilitators to deliver its content.

  6. Dr. Christa M Wille

    Dr. Wille (she/her) is passionate about using research to advance teaching and learning in higher education, especially in engineering. Through her lived experiences as a learner across multiple disciplines, her leadership in instructional design of a flipped classroom in her biomechanics courses, and her extensive background in research, she is well suited to support scholarship of teaching and learning projects. As a member of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she is eager to help use research to advocate for and support educational practices that ensure inclusive and effective teaching and learning practices for all engineering students and instructors alike.

  7. Chris Dakes
    University of Wisconsin - Madison

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