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U441·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Breaking Boundaries: Unveiling the Wonders of Human Anatomy for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Workshop Multidisciplinary Engineering Division (MULTI)
Sun. June 23, 2024 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
A107, Oregon Convention Center
Session Description

Free ticketed event
Our purpose is to transcend disciplinary boundaries to show biological wonders that have yet to be matched by the technological innovations of our time. In this workshop, four research experts will cover major human anatomical wonders and their parallels in engineering technology: "Skin sensors" with auto-thermoregulatory responses holding clues for indoor environment; "Cerebrospinal System" with data orchestration shaming the current computer architectures, "Respiratory System" begging for efficiencies in our current HVAC and automobile systems; and "Immune System" with its superior defense system relative to our cybersecurity. The parallels will be systematically analyzed in terms of four parameters: i) Sustainability, ii) Resilience, iii) Energy Efficiency, and iv) Adaptability.

This is not a workshop on Biomimetics. It dwells exclusively on the four important elements of human anatomy to expose biological characteristics in terms of engineering function and design. The workshop will use an entertaining mode of answering the following questions:

1. How does skin use the internal energy to keep the blood core temperature at exactly the same level regardless of the ambient temperatures? What clues does the skin have for air-conditioning systems for indoor environment?
2. How do dendritic cells in the brain process our thoughts and contribute to memory storage? What clues do these cells and the spinal system have for an adaptable and resilient computer architecture?
3. How do lungs filter the inhaled gases and exchange them with blood with phenomenal energy efficiencies? How do our HVAC and automobile systems lag behind these wonderful organs?
4. How does our body defend itself, or fail to in some cases, against viral infections? In spite of the various pathways for external agents to enter into the system, how did our defense mechanism manage to have layers of defense? What clues does immunology have to enhance our cybersecurity initiatives?

The workshop will conclude with a new cultural and societal paradigm that is needed to respect the evolution of human anatomy, just as ancient cultures did, and learn from it functioning and design.

  1. Dr. Lakshmi N. Reddi P.E.
    New Mexico State University

    Lakshmi N. Reddi has been the Dean of College of Engineering at New Mexico State University
    since July 1, 2016. Reddi comes from Florida International University (FIU) where he served as
    Graduate School Dean. While at FIU, he directed the Academy of Graduates for Integrative
    Learning Experiences, which received National Award for Innovation in Graduate Education in
    2013, an award co-sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools and Educational Testing
    Service. Prior to joining FIU, Reddi provided leadership as department head/chair at two
    research-intensive departments, at Kansas State University and at University of Central Florida.

    Reddi has written/co-written/edited eight books and more than 120 technical articles representing
    several interdisciplinary themes in engineering. He secured extramural funding of about $25
    million from sponsors at all levels – federal (NSF, NASA, FHWA, EPA) and state agencies,
    regional centers and local industry. He has enjoyed a steady stream of NSF funding for more
    than two decades. He has established a collaborative network of researchers from Africa,
    America, Asia and Europe, with core group of investigators from South Korea, France, US, India
    and UK.

    Reddi has received recognition not only for his academic accomplishments (teaching, research,
    advising/mentoring, service) but also for his administrative skills. While at Kansas State
    University, he received the Engineering Research Excellence Award and Presidential Award for
    the Outstanding Department Head. A two-time recipient of the James Robbins Teaching Award,
    Reddi is also a chapter honor member of Chi Epsilon and Eminent Engineer of Tau Beta Pi. A
    Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers) and American Association for Advancement
    of Science, Reddi was designated as Distinguished Alumnus by The Ohio State University in
    2005. Engineering Societies of Central Florida honored him with the Engineering Leadership
    Excellence Award in 2010. He served on the Board of Directors of Florida Engineering Society,
    GRE and TOEFL Boards of Directors, NM MESA Board of Directors, and is currently serving
    on the Roundtable for Defense Basic Research.

  2. Akanksha Varma Sagi
    New Mexico State University

    Akanksha Varma Sagi:

    Ms. Sagi is a graduate student affiliated with the Computer Science Department at New Mexico State University. Her current research focus is to develop synergy between computer sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. She is academic topper in her undergraduate studies. She is also an experienced system software engineer with expertise in resolving server connectivity issues, C, C++, and Java development.

    As a Graduate Researcher, Ms. Sagi is currently immersed in groundbreaking interdisciplinary work, exploring the untapped potential of the Cerebrospinal System for Enhanced Computer Architecture. Simultaneously, her role as a Data Analyst underscores her commitment to practical innovation, with a focus on precision and efficiency in financial data analysis using Tableau.

    Having completed virtual internships at Deloitte and Accenture, Ms. Sagi possesses diverse skill set which encompasses interdisciplinarity. Actively engaged in projects ranging from AI-based plant disease identification to leveraging machine learning for agricultural yield prediction, Ms. Sagi demonstrates a genuine passion to advance interdisciplinary research and make a real-world impact.

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