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T272·INDUSTRY DAY: Do We Need a Global Skills Development Framework to Build the Future Engineering Workforce?
Panel Corporate Member Council (CMC)
Tue. June 27, 2023 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM
Room 304, Baltimore Convention Center
Session Description

In the era of rapidly changing technology where humans and robots may work together and a digital twin may completely alleviate the need of a maintenance engineer, how do we develop the engineering workforce to sustain economic growth? World regions traditionally respond to such needs differently, though future global skills requirements in the engineering workforce are well charted. The panelists will discuss skills development strategies and processes in different world regions and offer opinions on whether a standard global framework of new skills will be beneficial in developing a global engineering workforce of the future.

For those interested in: Academia-Industry Connections

Moderated by
  1. Dr. Soma Chakrabarti
  1. Dr. Elvira Osuna-Highley

    Elvira Osuna-Highley, Ph.D. is a Principal Customer Success Engineer with MathWorks, where she is a part of a global team that supports faculty and researchers with integrating computational tools into their work. Before joining MathWorks, she was on the faculty of the Computational Biology Department at Carnegie Mellon University. She holds a doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where her research involved applying machine learning techniques to fluorescence microscope images.

  2. Dr. Soma Chakrabarti
    ANSYS, Inc.

    Dr. Soma Chakrabarti leads and coordinates the education outreach efforts in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at Ansys. Earlier she led the materials education resources team in Ansys Cambridge, UK. Soma is the current first vice president of International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, the current president of International Association for Continuing Engineering Education and as a director of the American Society for Engineering Education College-Industry Partnership Division Board. She has a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering and biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

  3. Susannah Cooke
    ANSYS, Inc.

    Dr. Susannah Cooke is a Senior Product Manager at Ansys, managing Ansys Academic software. She works with universities to ensure that Ansys tools can be deployed to best effect in teaching and research. She holds an MEng and DPhil in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oxford, where her doctoral thesis focused on fluid flow around tidal turbine arrays. She has also previously worked for the UK’s research funding agency, UKRI, and she began her engineering career in railway maintenance.

  4. Shannon O'Donnell
    Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Shannon O’Donnell is the Americas Zone Strategy Lead at Siemens Digital Industries Software, Academic Programs. Shannon is the chair-elect of the College-Industry Partnership Divisions at the American Society for Engineering Education. Her career in international business facilitates enriching learning experiences for students and her dedication to education is rooted in her belief that everyone should have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed.