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W540A·COVID-19, Next Generation of STEM Professionals, and Racialized Organizations
Technical Minorities in Engineering Division(MIND)
Wed. June 28, 2023 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM
Room 321, Baltimore Convention Center
Moderated by
  1. Jessye Talley and Dr. Eleazar Marquez
Papers Presented
  1. Effects of Distance Learning on African-American Students in Engineering Technology Courses During COVID-19 Pandemic [view paper]
    Dr. Tejal Mulay (Florida A&M University - Florida State University), Mohamed Khalafalla (Florida A&M University - Florida State University), Dr. Chao Li, P.E. (Florida A&M University - Florida State University), Dr. Doreen Kobelo Regalado (Florida A&M University - Florida State University), and Dr. Behnam Shadravan (Florida A&M University - Florida State University)
  2. Facing a Double Pandemic: Viewpoints of African American Engineering Students during COVID-19 and Racial Unrest in the United States [view paper]
    Dr. Racheida S Lewis (University of Georgia), Dr. Trina L. Fletcher (Florida International University), and Animesh Paul (University of Georgia)
  3. Bend and Not Break: Examining Hispanic Engineering Students' Academic Challenges During Covid-19 [view paper]
    Dr. Eleazar Marquez (The University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley) and Dr. Samuel Garcia (Texas State University)
  4. Using an Agricultural Supply Chain to Train the Next Generation of STEM Professionals [view paper]
    Dr. Jessye Talley (Morgan State University ), Dr. Lealon L. Martin (Southern University and A&M College), Veronica J. Oates (Tennessee State University), Dr. Saundra Johnson Austin (University of South Florida), and Jiangnan Peng (Affiliation unknown)