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M247·Student Division (STDT) Poster Session
Poster Student Division (STDT)
Mon. June 26, 2023 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM
Exhibit Hall ABCD , Baltimore Convention Center
Papers Presented
  1. Board 187: Poster: WIP: Neurodivergent Engineering Students’ Sense of Belonging at the University, Major, and Course Levels: A Mixed Methods Study [view paper]
    Ms. Candice W. Bolding (Clemson University), Mr. Robert M O'Hara (Clemson University), Penny S Edwards (Affiliation unknown), and Katherine Mulholland (Clemson University)
  2. Board 188: Student-centered and led approaches for improving Mental Health [view paper]
    Cody Petitt (Ohio University ), Dr. Greg Kremer (Ohio University), Dr. Timothy Cyders (Affiliation unknown), Emily McCarty (Affiliation unknown), Robert F. Lindsey (Affiliation unknown), and Ryan Pytosh (University of Florida)
  3. Board 189: WIP: Staff Communities of Practice for Makerspace Professional Development [view paper]
    Lindsey Pegram ("Be A Maker (BeAM)" Makerspace in the Department of Applied Physical Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ), Maria Christine Palmtag (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Ms. Anna Engelke (UNC-Chapel Hill / North Carolina State University)
  4. Board 190: Work in Progress: A Pilot Study on Faculty Perceptions of the Impact of COVID-19 on Undergraduate Engineering Student Readiness [view paper]
    Emily Fitzpatrick (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Dr. Jessica Deters (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)