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W115·TOPICAL PLENARY: What We Learned at the Revolution: Insight and Impact in the Context of the 2015 and 2016 NSF RED Projects
Topical Plenary Electrical and Computer Engineering Division (ECE), Biomedical Engineering Division (BED), Chemical Engineering Division (ChED), Civil Engineering Division (CIVIL), and Mechanical Engineering Division (MECH)
Wed. June 28, 2023 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Room 320, Baltimore Convention Center
Session Description

This topical plenary will explore the impact of the NSF Revolutionizing Engineering and Computer Science Departments (RED) program on the institutions that were funded in 2015 and 2016. Now that those projects are complete, we can learn a great deal about academic change and the transformation of engineering curricula in the middle years of undergraduate education.
Each of the RED project participants served on their institution’s respective RED teams as PI, disciplinary faculty, or engineering education expert. Their perspectives will provide insights about the impact of RED on their departments and what non-RED departments can learn and apply to their own educational contexts.
The session will appeal to attendees in all disciplines of engineering and computer science, since the RED program is open to all disciplines. The session will encourage the dissemination of RED project products through collaboration between RED and non-RED departments and for individuals to learn more about the RED program and submit their own proposals as a result.

The following RED team members will participate:
Dr. Ann Gates (University of Texas El Paso, computer science)
Dr. Tony Maciejewski (Colorado State, electrical engineering)
Dr. Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University, civil engineering)
Dr. Ed Berger (Purdue University, mechanical engineering)
Dr. Susannah Davis (University of New Mexico, chemical engineering)
Dr. Susan Lord (University of San Diego, general engineering)
Dr. Luke Lester (Virginia Tech, electrical engineering)
Dr. Diane Rover (Iowa State University, electrical engineering)
Dr. Mary Lou Maher (University of North Carolina Charlotte, computer science) (

The session will be moderated by Dr. Tom Martin (, Virginia Tech/NSF rotator, and Dr. Julia Williams (, RED Participatory Action Research Project (REDPAR). Dr. Martin was co-PI for the Virginia Tech RED project and Dr. Williams serves as PI for REDPAR, which designed the academic change curriculum used by RED and supported their change efforts.

Also participating are Dr. Donna Riley (, the program officer who initiated RED while she was at NSF, Dr. Julie Martin ( who served as the program officer for RED, and Dr. Kemi Ladeji-Osias (, current NSF program officer for the RED program.