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U422·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Multidisciplinary Teaching Models in Higher Education: Implementation Strategies
Workshop Engineering Management Division (EMD)
Sun. June 25, 2023 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room 347, Baltimore Convention Center
Session Description

Free ticketed event
The fast-paced marketplace requires college graduates to learn how to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines. The contemporary global challenges are so complex that no single branch of learning can adequately describe or solve them. Students trained in the standard structure are often technically competent but lack professional multidisciplinary collaboration skills.
Teaching multidisciplinary skills calls for innovative cross-disciplinary teaching methodologies.
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the Multidisciplinary Curriculum Integration (MCI) framework and implementation of models developed and practiced over a three-year multidisciplinary and multi-university teaching initiative. Participants will learn practical approaches to developing project-based multidisciplinary teaching materials.
In this interactive session, participants will brainstorm approaches for implementing the discussed methodologies. The facilitators and participants will discuss challenges identified from the student and faculty perspective, and share strategies to overcome barriers to multidisciplinary teaching in higher education.

  1. Dr. Ekaterina Koromyslova
    South Dakota State University

    Associate Professor, South Dakota State University

  2. Dr. Anna Sadovnikova

    Assistant Professor, Monmouth University

  3. Mr. Gary Anderson
    South Dakota State University

    Professor, South Dakota State University