2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Learning outcomes as a self-evaluation process

Presented at Computing and Information Technology Division (CIT) Technical Session 3

Learning outcomes are measurable statements that can be used to identify what the students should be able to do and know at the end of the course or class. These learning outcomes are stated in the course syllabus and are reviewed by the students at the beginning of the course. However, normally the students do not review them frequently during the semester.

In 2022, a detailed list of learning outcomes was defined for the Introduction to Cyber Security course for Majors. This list includes a granular set of outcomes that students should achieve after each class of the semester. Using the Learning Management System (LMS), these outcomes are included in each week’s module and are also reviewed at the beginning of each class. In this way, students are constantly in contact with this information.

This paper presents the results of a survey that evaluates the student’s level of awareness of the learning outcomes. This survey is applied at the end of the semester. Also, it presents preliminary results of the student’s self-evaluation of their level of accomplishment of these learning outcomes. For this, during the spring of 2023, students will self-evaluate their level of development of the learning outcomes proposed for the week.

  1. Dr. Catalina Aranzazu-Suescun Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University [biography]
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